Oct 2, 2011

Need your advice

As you know, I always use pooklet's texture V2 on my retextures. But today I tried V3 and it looks good too.
To be honest, I can't see any great difference between them. V2 is a bit more shiny, V3 has darker roots and looks more natural, and that's all I can say about them. They look pretty similar for me.
What do you think, should I follow my way and continue using V2 or try something new and use V3?
Here are comparison shots:


  1. Personally, I think it depends on the hair. Sometimes v2 looks better, sometimes v3. I tend to go toward v3 these days, unless it doesn't look right, in which case I use v2 instead. But my preferences are always in flux, and really, both look pretty good. ;)

  2. 3-ия Версия по моему лучше выглядит :)
    Просто версией 2 уже все причёски заретекстурили Оо

  3. For this hair, I think V3 looks better. I think you should vary V2 and V3. And upload your retextures of this hair because it's gorgeous.

  4. supperdune, oh, I see. Think varying v2 and v3 will be the best way, thank you very much!!!
    LightFire, не все ;) Ок, учту :)
    Brittany, thank you! Of course I will upload it soon ;)