Sep 21, 2011


Hey guys!
How are you doing? :)
Just wanted to say that I finally got fast and good Internet in my dorm-room, so wait for new retextures! :D
My university is amazing and I have lots of fun with my friends here, studying is not so boring as I expected (just because I'm not a really good student and don't prepare to lessons lol :D), so my life is good!
Hope you all have good time and everything ;)
Love you all! ♥


  1. Даша, я тебя буду ждать)) Я создал новый блог, потом все расскажу) Жду с нетерпением!

  2. Yay, I missed you Faye!!!! Happy to hear school is well, and that you are having fun!

    Cazy's reunion hair is up at Sims Cave, it's a beautiful mesh that needs retexturing.


  3. Pumpkin, спасибо) Скинь в личку на симс3ру ссылку на блог, если нетрудно ;)
    Brittany, missed you too! *hugs* Thank you!
    I'm currently working on this retexture, so it will be published soon :)