Aug 15, 2011

PREDICTION - Peggy hairmesh 'Sept08' Pookleted

Texture is a mix of Pooklet's and Peggy's textures (because I wasn't able to make curls from Pooklet's texture and copied them from original texture and edited a bit to fit the hair perfectly).
Recolored in all 18 Pooklet naturals, binned, works for all ages.
Mesh by Peggy is included :)
Feel free to tell me if something goes wrong, I'll try to fix it ASAP ^^
Have a good time! ♥


  1. Даша, как я тебе уже говорила - перекраска супер <3
    Обязательно скачаю, а то у меня эти волосы только в стандартном варианте. Спасибо :)))

  2. THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! This was amazing of you to do for me! It looks absolutely gorgeous, will test tonight. Again, so NICE of you!

  3. Юля, спасибо огромное! :)

    Brittany, thank you for the nice comment! I'm so glad you like it! Hope it will not disappoint you ingame ^^". You are very welcome!