Aug 26, 2011


Hello everyone!
I thought that I should write a couple of words here just in case anyone will wonder why there are no updates in my blog.
I probably will not post updates for a week or two. This Sunday I'm moving to the university, I will live in dorm and I'm not sure that I will have access to the Internet there. I will take my simming laptop with me so I will anyway make some new stuff (tons of hairs in my Downloads folder are waiting for retextures lol), but maybe I will have a chance to post it only when I will get back home.
Have a good weekend! ♥


  1. Will miss you and be looking forward to your stuff when you get a chance. Have fun in University!

  2. Даш, я очень буду по тебе скучать)) Мне тебя будет нехватать(( Удачи в университете! ♥♥♥♥