Aug 24, 2011

EVERYDAY SUPERSTAR - Peggy hairmesh '7783' Pookleted

Yep, sometimes Peggy can make really beautiful meshes. =.=""
18 natural colors, binned, all ages, mesh included ;)
Credits go to Pooklet for amazing textures & to Peggy for the mesh.
Hope you'll like it ♥


  1. Faye, you've done so much nice stuff for me. I hope I never bothered you with my requests. I've tried to learn how to retexture myself, and cannot get the hang of it. I come to you because you're so sweet. Thanks a million for this one. Let me know if you ever want suggestions for new hair. *hugs*

  2. Thank you very much, Brittany! I enjoy making retextures, I always take requests and I'm very happy that you like my stuff. ^.^ Just tell me what hair you wanna see Pookleted and I'll try to put my hands on it! :) Thank you very-very-very much! ♥